Brushed Gold Semi-frameless Shower Screens

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1100-1750x1900mm L Shape Shower Screen Sliding Door Brushed Gold Semi-frameless 6mm Glass with Return Panel

$985.00 $825.00

1100-1750x1900mm Semi-Frameless Shower Screen Sliding Door Wall to Wall Brushed Gold Hardwares 6mm Glass

$699.00 $550.00

850-1000mm Square / Rectangle Shower Screen Brushed Gold Semi-frameless Double Sliding 6mm Glass 1900mm Height

$770.00 $628.00

850-1150x1900mm Semi-frameless L Shape Shower Screen Pivot Door with Return Panel Brushed Gold Fittings

$945.00 $772.00

850-1150x1900mm Semi-frameless Shower Screen Pivot Door Wall to Wall Brushed Gold Fittings 6mm Glass

$539.00 $497.00
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