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Selecting a shower head is only half the job when remodelling or renovating your bathroom, next you need to make sure you get the right shower arm to support the head. Thanks to our stylish, functional, and affordable selection of black shower arms the team at MyHomeware make this choice easy and stress-free.

Ready for installation in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney our beautiful black shower arms are coated in a matte black finish, giving them an elegant and contemporary appearance that does not fade and is resistant to scratches.

Available in curved, straight, and bent styles, you will find the shower arm at your desired angle thanks to the team at MyHomeware. Change the way you shower today!

How High Should a Shower Arm Be?

In keeping with the height of a shower head, the shower arm should be at a height that caters for users of varying heights. While there is no set industry standard, the rule of thumb for the installation of the shower arm is that it is 200cm from the floor of the shower.

To complete your shower with a set of stylish and functional shower screens get in touch with MyHomeware today!

How Long is a Standard Shower Arm?

Depending on the size of your shower, and the style of your selected shower arm, the size of the shower arm will fluctuate. Ranging from 200 to 600mm our shower arms have been selected by our experts to meet all the needs and requirements of our valued customers.