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Increase your enjoyment when you shower, and improve the efficiency of your shower, thanks to the modern and effective shower arms on offer from the expert homeware suppliers at MyHomeware.

When purchasing a new shower setup, the style of the shower arm is often overlooked, leading to the shower taking on a mismatched appearance that detracts from the rest of the décor in the bathroom.

Available in matte black and chrome finishes and able to be easily and safely mounted onto the wall or the roof, Sydney residents can find the shower arm that suits their tastes and their interior décor thanks to MyHomeware.

Not just limited to improving bathrooms, MyHomeware has the experience and the products to transform kitchens and laundries as well with everything from vanity basins to sink mixers.

How Do I Know if My Shower Arm is Leaking?

There can be fewer things more annoying for a homeowner than having a leaking fixture or fitting. Often not noticed until there is a problem, leaking shower arms should be fixed as soon as possible. From seeing water dripping from the seam, or seeing discolouration on the tiles or the roof (depending on the location of the installation), there are ways to tell if your shower arm is leaking.

From shower arms to bath spouts, improve your washing and bathing experience thanks to MyHomeware.

What Are Shower Arms Made Of?

Selected for its durability and resilience, the majority of shower arms on the market are made from brass to ensure that they can withstand variable temperatures without flaw or faltering. To find out more about our exciting and expressive range of products, including wall hung vanity units, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.