Black Handheld Shower

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ABS Matt Black 5 Functions Round Handheld Shower Only

$49.00 $39.00
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ABS Square 3 Functions Matt Black Rainfall Hand Held Shower Head Only

$49.00 $45.00
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Black Square Hand held Shower Only

$39.00 $29.00
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Matt Black Brass Square Hand Held Shower Spray Head

$45.00 $40.00
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Nero Black 5 Function Round Hand held Shower Only

$49.00 $39.00
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Round Black ABS 3 Function Handheld Shower Only

$49.00 $39.00
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Round Nero Black Shower Holder Wall Connector & Hose Only

$65.00 $54.00
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Solid Brass Round Matt Black Hand Held Shower Hand Held Sprayer Head

$50.00 $45.00
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Square Nero Black Shower Holder Wall Connector & Hose Only

$65.00 $59.00
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Square Black Handheld Shower With Water Spout & Mixer Diverter

$320.00 $269.00
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Do you want more from your shower? Are you looking to give your shower its own sense of personality that matches the décor or design you have created for your bathroom? Don’t settle for less; speak to best by getting in touch with the experts at MyHomeware.

Committed to supplying our customers with all that they need to complete their bathroom environment according to their tastes and requirements MyHomeware proudly stock opulent and indulgent black handheld showers for Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane homeowners.

Easy to use and maintain, our black handheld showers offer a rich in character alternative to standard chrome-plated shower heads, allowing customers to make their bathroom different from all the others in the neighbourhood.

What Does Fixed Shower Head Mean?

Lacking all of the manoeuvrability that comes with handheld shower heads, a fixed shower head is simply a traditional shower head that is attached directly to the wall at a height of approximately 200cm.

Coming standard with most homes, fixed shower heads are a cost-effective option for customers who don’t require the flexibility of handheld shower heads, however users of the fixed shower head can only control the direction of the water in minor ways, which means that they have a shower according to the limitations of the design.

Will A Smaller Shower Head Increase Pressure?

With a standard pressure set at 80 psi, modern showers are made to be comfortable without being forceful. While the pressure remains the same regardless of the shower head size a smaller shower head generally has smaller holes for the water to exit from.

Similar to a garden hose that has had the nozzle adjusted to a smaller opening, smaller shower heads channel this water into thinner heads and increase the overall pressure experienced by the user.

At MyHomeware it is our ambition to be the best homeware supplier in Australia. To find out more about our complete range that includes mirrors, stainless steel laundry sinks, tapware, and even toilets, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.