650x360x865mm Livis Rimless Flushing Easy Height Toilet Suite Wall Faced Ceramic White Soft UF Seat

Product Code: CE-KDK022
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Q: is the water tank bolted to the pan is the water tank bolted to the pan

A: Hi there, thank you for your inquiry. The water tank is bolted to the pan. Please speak to your licenced installer for more details on how this is done.

Q: Does this toilet cistern have a top and bottom fill. The description suggestions a bottom fill only, which seems unlikely. Please advise. Does this toilet cistern have a top and bottom fill. The description suggestions a bottom fill only, which seems unlikely. Please advise.

A: Thank you for your interest in MyHomeware. This toilet cistern has top and bottom fills. Cheers.

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This rimless toilet features a patented VORTEX flushing technology that enable good transportation of wastes with minimum water consumption. It also replaced 100% trapped water per cycle so as to prevent growth of bacteria. Not only with Hygiene Plus technology on its glazed surface, our R&D engineer has designed it without a flush rim; therefore no hidden and hard to reach places that is prompt to growth of bacteria and also bad odor. 


  • Model:CE-KDK022
  • Size 650x360x865mm
  • Features highest quality vitreous China construction
  • Rimless flush pan
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Easy Height Raised pan
  • UF soft-close slim seat SC704
  • Back/Left and Right Bottom Inlet Cistern

  • Installation:
  • *S-Trap: Trap-100: 100-190mm
  • Optional:
  • *P-Trap: 180mm Roughing in
    ( 260mm straight pipe,can be cut to size to suit set-out distance)
  • *145mm of ribbed cut lines S-Trap: 65-205mm (S-TRAP1-TS)
  • *195mm of ribbed cut lines S-Trap: 65-205mm (STRAP-200)
  • *Trap-60: 60-135mm
  • *JT43 connector: 150-210mm
  • *Standard Seat (SC804)

  • WELS & WATERMARK approved
  • WELS Licence Number:1156
  • WELS Water rating: 4 star
  • Registration No.: L04908
  • Dual Flush
  • 4.5L per full flush
  • 3L per half flush
  • 3.5L average flush
  • Wateramrk Licence No.: WM-022127
  • Eco-friendly, Water saving
  • Easy to install
  • Package Content:
  • 1 x Wall Faced Toilet
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    Main Product Code LV022
    Material & Finish
    Material Ceramic
    Colour White
    WATERMARK Approved
    WELS Approved
    WELS Licence No 1156
    WELS Star Rating 4 Star, 4.5L per full flush, 3L per half flush, 3.5 average flush
    Package Contents
    Main Product 1 x Wall Faced Toilet
    Accessories UF slim seat SC074 (supplied), Ttap-100: 100-190mm (Supplied)
    10 Years Warranty 10 Years product replacement
    1 Year Warranty 1 Year parts and labour
    30 Days Warranty 30 Days return for refund or product replacement
    5 Star Rating
    Nice energy efficient toilet, easy to clean. The dual flush works well, very comfortable when i sit on it. We bought 3 to replace all of our old toilets. Excellent purchase! Highly recommend, no issues with shipment.
    5 Star Rating
    Very happy with this toilet, got exactly what I asked for. Good looking and comfortable. So easy to clean, fushes well. It is sleek and stylish and gives my bathroom an upgrade. Thank you for the good service also.
    5 Star Rating
    Beautiful toilet. Came on time and is exactly as described. This toilet works great, flushing so fast. Love the slow closing seat that can be easily removed for easy cleaning. Overall, really happy.
    5 Star Rating
    Without hesitation I will recommend this rimless toilet to anyone. It's beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. This worked perfectly for my master bathroom in my townhome renovation. My daughter mainly uses that bathroom and loves it! The no slam lid is perfect and easy to clean. Flushing function works so good and smoothly.
    5 Star Rating
    Excellent Product! The toilet flushes completely, fully, every time. Smooth dropping toilet lid is awesome too. I also added a bidet seat to the toilet and it matches the toilet perfectly. I get excited every time I have to use the restroom now.
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