Mr.Z Memory Foam U Plus Pillow 68x9cm Tourist Business Trip

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Brand: Mr.Z
Product Code: U+
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Mr.Z U Plus Pillow

The flexible design is versatile taking good care of your sleep, releasing all the stress and tired of the day. Fit for tourist and business trip customer. A variety of functions that make the trip more fun, suitable for neck, waist etc. You can use it as you like to relax. The neck area uses velvet, soft and stretchy, it fully allows for the pillow's curvatures and feels comfortable against the skin.

Pillow size: 68x9x12/9cm

U Shape, 360° supporting perfectly to your neck

Multi-functional, neck supporting

Only need 3 steps, easy to carry:

  • Roll up the pillow
  • Fasten Velcro
  • Put in the storage bag and strain the rope
Using body-conforming memory foam, unique B shape smooth designed

Reducing shoulder pressure during sleep, the groove of both sides designed

Package Contents:

  • U plus pillow
  • Pillowcase
  • User munual

  • The memory foam is not recommended for cleaning
  • Washable coat, head wash cold (Stuffing compound are not recommended for cleaning)
  • Avoid sharp instruments
  • Avoid violent sun

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