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In this sector, MyHomeware provides cooktops for brands Electrolux and Smeg, ranging from induction cooktops, black ceramic cooktops to freestanding cookers, applied with gas or electricity supply. Click on the following items to learn more!

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How do you decide which type of cooktop suits you?

Your cooking habits will determine the number and type of burners/elements you need and, consequently, the type of cooktop you should choose. If you cook a lot or prepare meals for different people with different dietary needs, you would want at least 5 burners/elements. Gas cooktops are suitable to cook any type of food.

What type of cookwares is suitable for ceramic cooktops?

The type of cookware you use on a ceramic cooktop can affect how it performs. We recommend using medium or heavy-weight cookware. Flat Bottom pans are essential for good cooking performance since the bottom of the pan needs to touch the glass for the best heat transfer. Checking package labels of cookware before buying a pan is highly recommended, figuring out whether it is suitable for your cooktop.