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Have you ever considered to save energy, save money and have bright lights? LED lights would be of great help in your home improvement. In this sector, MyHomeware provides 10 watts LED lights of SMD and COB types, which are suitable for hard surface like concrete as well as kitchen, bathroom and study rooms!
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Browse the environmentally friendly LED lights that meet your needs. Buy lighting home improvement from MyHomeware, and we ship them to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other regions of Australia.
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What is the difference between SMD and COB LED lights?

LED lights come in a variety of models. Start comparing COB (Chips on Board) vs SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED Lights, or before you look at the difference between LED light COB and SMD. You can choose between SMD vs COB types, for example, depending on your needs for energy efficiency and versatility. The COB vs SMD LED Lights differ in terms of their features and semiconductors.