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Imagining that you just finish working and going back home on a freezing or scorching day, how would that be awesome if your air conditioner has already heated up or cooled down the home when you are home? All you need to do is just a few simple taps on your smartphone, commanding the Smart Switch Home Devices to do the rest.

LifeSmart Smart Wifi IR Remote Controller Spot Homekit App Control for Smart Home Devices

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What The Smart Switch Home Devices Can Do

Smart Switch Home Devices refer to small boxes that are able to control relative electrical devices. These devices can be controlled by Apps and voices. Once they are linked to the same Wi-Fi with the controlling App and activated by the controlling App, they will be of a lot of great functions.
An atmosphere enhancer -- A smart switch device can be a helpful romance or party enhancer. As is connected to Wi-Fi, a smart switch can search the internet and play the music you want. It is a perfect romance enhancer as well as an ice breaker for a party or cocktail commencement. In addition, it is also a perfect lighting decor, coming with a variety of colours and lighting up the night. So it can be an adorable alternative to bedroom lights on the bedside table.
Remote control over multiple systems -- It is well known that smart home devices are normally controlled by Apps like LifeSmart and Amazon Alexa. MyHomeware smart home devices are compatible with mainstream remote control brands. Via this App and devices, you can control the household appliances with just a few simple taps on your phone, rather than looking for the remote controls of several appliances over and over again. In this instance, you can turn on the air-conditioning in advance before you back home from work during the hot summer and freezing winter! What’s more, it supports mainstream voice control systems. You can speak to popular artificial intelligence like Google, Alexa and Siri. 

FAQ About Smart Switch Home Devices

Can this Smart Switch Home Devices applicable to other brands of smart home devices?

The Smart Switch Home Devices may probably applicable to other brands as it is the controller spot connected to the LifeSmart APP to control all the IR devices at home.

How do you charge the Smart Switch Home Devices

Normally the Smart Switch Home Devices come with a USB cable and a power adapter that can charge the devices.

The smart home switch device can be placed in the living room, bedrooms, study rooms and dining rooms. It will be of much greater functions if it comes with a smart home package like Homekit Starter Set and Smart Home Device Package.