Smart Security Home Devices

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Not sure if the door is locked up before you leave home? MyHomeware Smart Security Home Devices have an eye on your domestic security! With the Smart Security Home Devices, you are able to check your home security anytime, anywhere.
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Personal And Secured Smart Lock Home Devices

It is of a lot of benefits to knowing domestic security anytime, anywhere, especially for the families with children and the senior. This security system gives you real-time feedback on door-window status when you are away from home. Besides, this smart home device can be used via App and triggered by an alarm and one-button sensor. The sensors for windows and doors are attached to windows and doors. When the sensors can not detect the closed doors and windows but the security system is on, the App will let you know the situation. What’s more, the sensors are also able to detect the surrounding temperature, humidity and illumination. It will work perfectly with the other smart home devices if they are in the same brand or compatible with each other.
The Apps are able to work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit and connect the command station of each smart home security system. 

FAQ About Smart Security Home Devices

Are this Smart Security Home Devices deliverable to QLD?

The Smart Security Home Devices are allowed to be delivered to all of the Australian suburbs, including QLD.

Can the Smart Security Home Devices call policy automatically when they alarm?

The Smart Security Home Devices get you updated about the changes to your home, but it won’t call the police by themselves. You can make your call based on the info that the smart security tells you.

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