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Are you after the smartest way to control all of your home devices by just a few simple taps on smartphones? Here is the Home Package Smart Devices. There are several plans for Smart Home Device bundles. Let’s have a closer look at the Smart Home plans below!
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Why Choose Home Package Smart Devices?

Let’s explore the world of the Home Package Smart Devices!
Home Package Smart Devices are coming with several packages for different sizes of apartment and house. Smart Home Devices help to manage the lighting system, intercom and other devices at home just by a few taps on the Gateway Panel or your smartphones. This solution is able to control several domestic systems, including the door lock and intercom system, smart lighting and curtain system. With this solution, you have easy access to experience the power of artificial intelligence. 
Besides, it is designed with a user-friendly concept. It is not only easy to use the commander panel but also compatible with different servers such as Android and Siri. So this smart system is not just feasible for houses and apartments, but also hotels, schools and offices. The bundles of Home Package Smart Devices are covered by MyHomeware Two-Year warranty. 
Please note that this customization service is available in Sydney ONLY. Once we receive your appointment, we will contact you via email or phone for an inspection whether your place is accessible to Home Package Smart Devices.

FAQ About Home Package Smart Devices

Are the products fixed in each plan of Home Package Smart Devices?

The plan is not totally fixed in the plan. Based on the plans, you can add more sensors or other items if needed.

How long would it take to install a package of Home Package Smart Devices?

It is hard to say an accurate time for Home Package Smart Devices installation due to the home differences in sizes, wire arrangement and selected plans. But MyHomeware will make every effort to install the Home Package Smart Devices completely and perfectly.

Are you interested in this smart and electrical housekeeper? In the selections of smart home devices, MyHomeware also provides separate smart home devices like Smart Locks, Smart Securities and Smart Plug. Please feel free to let us know if you need more help.