Customized Smart Home Devices

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Have you ever heard of Smart Home Devices? Smart Home Devices are sort of artificial intelligence that commands your home devices, from the front door to the back garage. MyHomeware provides service on Customized Smart Home Devices and please feel free to click on the customized service for further info.
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Control Your Electrical Appliances With Customized Smart Home Devices

Let’s start our adventure and explore the mystery of artificial intelligence!
Smart Home Devices allows controlling the lighting system, intercom and other devices at home just by your voice. This solution is able to control 7 smart systems, in regards to lighting, curtain, air conditioning, access control, intercom, security and energy management. With this solution, you can easily get home devices controlled by your smartphone. What’s more, it is very easy to install due to ZigBee wireless technology. It is with user-friendly design and interaction. Besides, these devices are with great compatibility with different brands, such as Google, Amazon and Sir. This smart system is not just feasible for houses and apartments, but also hotels, schools and offices. 
While there are area and design discrepancies from house to house, customized device solutions are highly recommended for an integrated and perfect smart system. MyHomeware provides custom service to design how it works for the specific occupancy. Our professional experts will contact you for further assessment. 
Please note that this customization service is available in Sydney ONLY and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

FAQ About Customized Smart Home Devices

Should I come to your office for assess whether the smart home device is compatible to my home?

You don't have to come to our office. But we might need to inspect your house or apartment for further assessment.

Is that possible to ship the Customized Smart Home Devices to Canberra?

Currently, the Customized Smart Home Devices service is available in Syndey only, but we have been trying our best to extend this business to more cities. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Are you interested in these smart and fancy Customized Smart Home Devices? For these products, MyHomeware provides 3 years warranty on the products and 1 year warranty on professional service.