Handheld Black ABS Toilet Bidet Spray Wash Kit with Diverter Tap Set 1.2m PVC Water Hose

Product Code: SS0005EB+TAP001B
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This Toilet Bidet Spray Diverter douche wash kit is made of durable ABS plastic. Classic and modern design, smooth like silk. Strong water flow for easy and comfortable cleaning. 


  • Wall Mounted Toilet Bidet Spray Wash Kit with Diverter
  • Color: Black plated
  • Bidet Spray : durable ABS plastic
  • Solid brass diverter, G 1/2'' connector
  • With ABS shower holder
  • 1.2m PVC water Hose
  • Conform to Australian Standard
  • Easy to install
  • Package Contents:
    • 1x Hand Sprayer
    • 1x Diverter
    • 1x Shower Holder
    • 1x 1.2m PVC Water Hose
5 Star Rating
This toilet bidet arrived and I installed it the next day. Very easy to do and the instructions are in the box if you need them The fittings are stainless steel and come with a choice of wall or toilet fitting. I preferred the wall fitting. The pressure is good but I would think that's dependent on the actual pressure you have already, but either way its good. Really pleased - they even provided what I call plumbers tape. Well worth the money as it is and looks good quality.
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