Geberit Toilet Cistern Push Plate Wall Button Black Surface Chrome Trim Sigma30KM 115.883.KM.1

Product Code: PD-Sigma30KM
Categories : Toilet

WAS $135.00
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Buttons are the only thing the user gets to see of a concealed sanitary installation and the cistern itself.
Geberit buttons don’t just look great, they also feature versatile functions.
With its different design lines, materials, colours and surface finishes, Geberit perfectly combines good design and reliable function.

Sigma30 - Elegant lines

  • Model : 115.883.KM.1  Sigma30KM
  • Dual flush with SQUARE buttons
  • Black plate with chrome trim
  • Fashionable yet affordable
  • Large rectangular buttons for easy flushing
5 Star Rating
I bought it to replace another brand's which was weaker and became damaged by use. This was a perfect fit to the wall and performs as expected. Not cheap, but I hope it won't need a replacement anytime soon.
Riley 25/06/2020 Ariah Park , New South Wales
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