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Have you been looking for more assists while going number 1 or number 2? There is a wide range of Disabled & Special Care Toilets at MyHomeware and you can find the traditional toilet suites, space saver wall floor (Faced) Parts and the little toilet parts. Enjoy the toilet shopping for the children, the senior, and the disabled!

What Is Special For Disabled & Special Care Toilets

As is shown above, the Disabled & Special Care Toilets can be connected by a P-trap with the wall or an S-trap with the floor. Either trap is available for most Disabled & Special Care Toilets on this page. You can completely get your favourite wall/ floor faced toilet with the most suitable trap for your plumbing arrangement. Besides, the special care toilet with a skew trap and a Tornado super silent flush mode is also available at a considerably low price.
Not only Tornado flush mode is available with the Disabled & Special Care Toilets to produce super silent flushing, but Rimless flush mode is also accessible to these above toilets to give an easy-cleaning experience. 
The Disabled & Special Care Toilets have complied with the AS1428.1, suitable for the public and private bathrooms in the hospitals, health care centres and schools. MyHomeware has added labels on the product images as a brief profile and you can be noticed the functions of each product by simply moving the mouse on the product images without clicking. 

FAQ About Disabled & Special Care Toilets

Why do people need Disabled & Special Care Toilets?

Disabled and Special Care Toilets make it easier for elderly and disabled persons to keep their dignity, independence, and privacy.

Do you ship the Disabled & Special Care Toilets to QLD?

Australian-wide postal service of Disabled and Special Care Toilets is provided by MyHomeware so we do deliver Disabled & Special Care Toilets to QLD.

A toilet may be neglected among all of the family facilities. However, it does play an essential role for users who need more help, in particular for the little children and adults with physical disabilities. MyHomeware has been providing special care toilets and bathroom accessories for families and organizations in Sydney, Melbourne and anywhere around Australia with a comfortable warranty.