Disabled Special Care Shower

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ABS Glide Slide Shower Holder Suit 32mm Grab Rail

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Special Care Accessible Handheld Shower Kit No Grab Rail

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Folding Plastic White Laminate Disabled Shower Seat Stainless Steel Tubing Self Locking

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Have you been after more control over the shower for people with limited mobility? Do you want to secure the disabled and seniors for a wonderful and adjustable shower? Upgrade your shower with the Disabled & Special Care Shower at MyHomeware. MyHomeware can help to set in an assist and ambulant bathroom.

What Is This Disabled & Special Care Shower For?

A Disabled & Special Care Shower is for the users who cannot move independently or have impaired movement. Disabled & Special Care Shower would be of great convenience for them to enjoy a shower. While the handheld shower kits help to hold the handheld shower easily with an adjustable glide slide cradle, a folding shower seat provides a sitting shower for people who want to be seated for a shower instead. The shower rails normally come with a non-return valve to prevent the back-flow water, assisting users with mobility impairments in keeping clean and comfortable during a shower. You can also have optional grab rails coming with the handheld shower kits if needed.
What’s more, most of the Disabled & Special Care Showers are coming with detailed dimensions. You can measure your bathroom space and make an accurate comparison with the product dimension. 

FAQ About Disabled & Special Care Shower

What is the best location for Disabled & Special Care Shower?

For disabled people, a shower is better than a bathtub for body wash as it is more flexible to get in and out. A Disabled & Special Care Shower should be mounted to a level accessible for the user, roughly 100 cm above the floor.

Is the Disabled & Special Care Shower able to be shipped to VIC?

MyHomeware covers deliveries of Disabled & Special Care Shower supplies all around Australia, both metropolitans and regional areas and we promise a rapid response for every single order. Please feel free to checkout or contact us if any concerns.

For more information about MyHomeware extensive types of products, including Assist and Ambulant Accessories, Spacial Care Tapware and Special Care Mirrors, you can set up any kind of special bathroom with just simple clicks at MyHomeware.