Brass Square Black Toilet Bidet Spray Diverter Wash Kit with 1.2m PVC Hose

Product Code: SS0009EB+TAP001B
Categories : Toilet
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This toilet bidet spray with diverter is black plated and made of durable brass. Also include a ABS shower holder and PVC shower hose. Includes a 5-year warranty.


  • Square Toilet Bidet Spray Diverter Wash Kit
  • Bidet Spray: Brass
  • Brass shower holder
  • Color: Electroplated matt black
  • Solid brass G 1/2'' diverter
  • 1.2m PVC hose
  • Australian Standard
  • Easy to install
  • Package Contents:
    • 1x Square Handheld Sprayer
    • 1x Diverter
    • 1x Shower Holder
    • 1x 1.2m PVC Hose
5 Star Rating
I want to buy this. Can someone tell me when can I buy it?
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