Bathroom Black Intelligent Timer UV Sterilizer Heated Towel Dryer Towel Warmer with Rails Right Power Inlet

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NOTE: Hooks are not included!!!

This intelligent UV sterilizer heated towel dryer with rails is simple, modern, forms with careful detailing. This towel dryer is designed to run safely & efficiently and is made from quality, maintenance free materials. With LED display screen, easy to operate.


  • LED  display screen: High-end touching control panel, easy to operate
  • Safe round corner design: Not easy to get hurt
  • Human-body detection system: Human-body detection system is activated automatically. Whenever there is a person moving wihth 4 meters, the UV light function will be suspended. It will restart after the person moves out of the range
  • 2 IN 1 Function-UV Light Sterilization & Warm Air Drying: Sterilization & Drying function both works at the same time. The drying temperature is about 55℃, towels can be dried within 1~1.5h
  • 245mm UV Wavelength: The UV wavelength is 245mm, which does NO harm to human body
  • Grid air outlet: Make the warm-air drying and UV light sterilization function more comprehensive
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection: Ultraviolet wavelength is 245mm, sterilization rate reaches 99%, which can kill various virus and bacteria quickly
  • Timing Adjustable: Drying can be adjustable from 1-8 hours (Sterilization time cannot be adjusted)


  • Material: ABS
  • Black finished
  • Stainless steel towel rails
  • Dimensions: 598x185x80mm
  • Current Capacity: 2.3A
  • Voltage: 110-220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 500W
  • Power Inlet: Right
  • Cable Length: 2m
  • Drying Timing: 1-8 hours
  • Drying Temperature: 55℃
  • Waterproof
  • SAA approved & CE certified
  • 5 years warranty
  • Notes:
  • 1. The motor will be shut down with 20-second delay
  • 2. It takes 25 seconds for the wind blades to stop
  • 3. The Ultra Violet disinfection period is set as 30 minutes
  • 4. This appliance uses UV light source which is not harmful to human body. However, we highly advise to avoid direct eye contact for long period of time
  • 5. UV sterilization will automatically stop when detecting human movements within a range of 4 meters
  • 6. Maintenance: Allow product to cool down before cleaing; Turn off power button after cooling; Use dry or moist cloth for cleaing, do not spray with water
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x Host with towel rails (NO Hooks)
  • 1 x Hanging Board
  • 4 x Expanded Colloidal Particles
  • 4 x Self-tapping screw
  • 1 x Nail-free Glue
5 Star Rating
This towel warmer is very brilliant value for money. I use it mobile and it’s very light to carry in and out. Heats up very quick. Brilliant.
Damon 17/10/2020 Garthowen , New South Wales
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