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Are you short on space but want to still include a bath in your bathroom? Don’t compromise on your comfort thanks to the personalised and premium products and solutions on offer from the industry experts at MyHomeware.

Seamlessly fitting into modern Australian homes, our range of corner bathtubs completely change the visual dynamic of the bathroom space, fitting flush against the wall and opening up more space in the bathroom. This positioning gives the appearance of wealth and luxury. Along with our heated towel rails, our corner bathtubs transform your standard bathroom into an opulent space you’ll be proud to show off.

Bring out the best in your bathroom thanks to the accessories and solutions from MyHomeware. To learn more about the possibilities of our outstanding products get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Do Corner Baths Save Space?

By having rounded edges, and sitting against the wall of the bathroom, corner baths tend to save space by their very design. This innovative and economical design and construction allows homeowners to feel like there is more room to move which can be especially important if space is at a premium. Along with a set of gunmetal tapware, Australian homeowners can completely upgrade their bathrooms with a few minor, and affordable inclusions.

What Size is a Corner Bath?

Comparable to the dimensions of standard bathtubs, the corner baths stocked by MyHomeware don’t go beyond 170cm in length, or 60cm in width. Being placed against the wall, and with an outward-facing corner that is rounded off, the differences between standard and corner baths is minimal but has a great impact on the overall aesthetic value of the bathroom environment.