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Change the layout of your bathroom to better suit your tastes and the requirements of the household thanks to the high-quality back to wall baths from MyHomeware. Made from resilient porcelain and boasting an elegant and smooth design our back to the wall baths will soon be a feature and focal point of your bathroom.

Installed flush against the wall, these bathtubs have a minimised profile that allows the rest of the bathroom space to breathe and develop its own sense of character and style. Complemented by a set of beautiful and stylish tapware our back to wall baths are sure to get a lot of use in your home.

A cheaper option than freestanding baths, inset baths are an affordable bathing option for modern Australian homes.

Do Back to Wall Baths Save Space?

By their very design, back to wall baths take up less space than other bathtub varieties. When compared to freestanding baths and corner baths, back to wall baths allow for a larger amount of space, increasing the appearance and feeling of luxury within the bathroom and giving homeowners the possibility of installing a separate shower.

What is an Inset Bath?

Similar in orientation and placement to traditional back to wall baths, inset baths are instead slotted directly into an existing alcove, having a rim that sits just above the top of the alcove’s surface.