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An inset basin can be fitted in granite, wood or ceramic countertop. An inset basin gives a few edges above the counter which is a perfect decor for your counter and it is quite easy to clean.
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Why Choose MyHomeware Inset Basins

An inset basin is normally installed above the worktop, with exposure of the opening edge on the top. MyHomeware inset basins are manufactured with ceramics for durability and practicality. Due to this material, it comes with a polished surface and great resistance to heat, scratches and chips.
There is normally a hole on the counter to put the basin into, leaving the edge on or above the counter. Therefore, inset basins are also called Drop-in basins. MyHomeware provides three main shapes for the inset basins, including square, rectangle and circle. Some of them are with tap and overflow holes, but some are not. It is recommended to take the waste and tap types into consideration before purchase.
In addition, MyHomeware has been contributing to providing high-quality bathroom basins at competitive prices. You don’t have to worry about the high expense for bathroom replacement and improvement. 

FAQ About Inset Basins

What is the difference between an inset basin and an undermount basin?

An under-mounted basin is one installed in the counter and edgeless on the counter surfaces, while an inset sink is a normal sort that sits over the counter/worktop. An under-mounted basin is usually a bit deeper than an inset basin.

How do you measure for an inset basin?

Place your straightedge ruler or your level across the top of your basin. Use your tape measure to measure the deepest part of your basin to the bottom edge of the ruler. Write down the depth. If you have an under-mount basin, be sure to measure the height from the basin to countertop.

Browse the eye-catching insets to meets your needs. Shop for the product at a good price. Feel free to compare with the product of any other brands.
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