Freestanding Basins

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Featuring a minimalist and tall shape design, these modern freestanding basins are the perfect ways to upgrade your bathroom facilities and save your bathroom space. These basins enhance your washing experiences and create pleasing integrity in your bathroom.

Why Choose Freestanding Basins

MyHomeware's high-quality freestanding basins are made of ceramics, which has been made of clay, experiencing a manufacturing procedure at a super high temperate to become more than durable. With a polished surface, it is of great ease of cleanliness with just a few wipes.
MyHomeware not only provides square freestanding basins but also retails cylinder and round freestanding basins. Each of the freestanding basins is of great help about space-saving as it no longer needs to be mounted on a vanity top. This design is suitable for small bathrooms and saves money spent on a vanity to install a basin. 
What’s more, the freestanding basins are about 850mm to 1000mm tall, suitable for users at average height. They can also be beautiful decor for bathrooms in a minimalist style or freestanding bathtubs.
If you are located in Sydney, please feel free to make your order of these freestanding basins. MyHomeware ships freestanding basins all across SYD suburbs.

FAQ About Freestanding Basins

What is a freestanding basin?

As the name suggests, freestanding, or floor-mounted basins are the basins standing on the bathroom floor. Unlike, pedestal basins, where the bowl of the basin is fixed to the wall, freestanding basins stand away from the wall, mounted to the floor only.

What is size of the tap and the waste for these freestanding basins?

Tapware that complies with the Australian standards fits the tap hole on the freestanding basin. All of the tapware at MyHomeware are based on Australian standards, so MyHomeware taps are suitable the freestanding basins. The wastes that fit these basins are listed as optional products on the basin product page. You are definitely fine to have one for the basin.

Come and have a look at these fancy freestanding basins to meet your requirements. MyHomeware offers these freestanding basins at competitively low prices, along with a warranty. If you have any concerns, please feel free to talk to MyHomeware's friendly and experienced customer service team via the right bottom corner chat.