Bottle Trap for Basins

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If you’re seeking a Basin Bottle Trap that is both durable and practical, MyHomeware high-quality brass bottle traps for bathrooms would be your great choice, which can bring many conveniences to your life.

The Solid And Leakage Free Bottle Traps

These bottle traps are made of solid brass and finished with chrome, matt black, brushed nickel and gunmetal grey, which are installed beneath basins. On this page, traps are suitable for basins with 32mm pop up waste pipes, complied with the Australian standards. 
With an expertly crafted and leaking free design, they are also manufactured for a lifetime of use. Compared to alloy and plastic traps, solid brass bottle traps are of better anti-corrosion and durability. If clicking on the product page, you can find that a bottle trap is assembled with parts so that it can be perfectly secured for delivery and better transfer water from the basin to the sewage system in a completely concealed channel. 
With the various finishes that we talked about above, you can find your favourite paint to match the bathroom styles.

FAQ About Bottle Traps

What is a sink bottle trap?

A bottle trap is part of the drainage system of a bathroom sink. The straight, perpendicular pipes of a bottle trap assembly allow for waste water and gas to be removed from the plumbing so clean water can flow through.

What size of a bottle trap is for a bathroom sink?

Traps come in 32mm (standard bathroom sink) or 38mm (standard kitchen sink) inside diameter sizes. Be sure to check so you get the right size replacement at your local store.

MyHomeware provides bathroom products at relatively low prices and can ship your favourite bottle traps to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and any other locations across Australia. Please let us know through Live Chat if you have further questions.