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Wall Hung Basins Fixing Kits Installation Accessories

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Needs hands for basin installation? Here comes the Fittings and Fixings for Basins at MyHomeware. If you have any questions about the fitness of the installation hardware, please contact us before purchase.

Things You Need To Know About Fittings And Fixings Basins

As there are a variety of wall materials within Australian households, it is extremely important to make sure whether the fittings and fixings are suitable for your wall. There may be a lot of maintenance and safety issues happening if with wrong screws. That is one of the most important reasons why MyHomeware has always advised that installation should be completed by a licensed and professional builder. 
Here MyHomeware provides installation accessories kits for wall hung basins. If you are going to have a wall hung basin installed onto the wall, you may need to get one to finish the installation. However, if you are going to have an above top basin, you may not need them for installation. 
This pack of fixings bolts can be used only partition walls only if a timber frame has been built into the cavity.

FAQ About Fittings And Fixings Basins

What do I need to install a wall hung basin except this Fittings And Fixings kit?

You may need a power drill machine to screw the fittings into the wall. However, it is important to confirm with your plumber if the fixing bolts are suitable for your wall material.

Do you ship Fittings And Fixings for Basins to Perth?

MyHomeware delivers Fittings and Fixings for basins all around Australia, including Perth.

MyHomeware has a fast response time for delivery and been committed to an effective shipment. You can buy all you need for the bathroom at one store with a rapid shipment, as well as lower prices!