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Keep your bathroom neat and tidy and prevent your towels from developing mold or becoming a trip hazard thanks to the effective and stylish towel racks stocked by the professionals at MyHomeware! With our years of experience supplying superior products and homewares to homeowners we can be relied on to help our customers complete the look, feel, and function of their homes according to their tastes and desires.

Made from durable materials and possessing multiple rails our selection of towel racks are perfect for storing, displaying, and drying towels, whether they are in-use or not. No matter where you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney our towel racks are right for your needs and requirements.

Available in a range of styles, designs, and colours, you can find the perfect towel rack to suit the layout and décor of your bathroom space. Take your bathroom to the next level thanks to the professionals at MyHomeware.

Make the right choice when getting the best homewares for your home thanks to the industry-leading suppliers at MyHomeware. For everything from heated towel rails, to vanity unitstoilet suites, and even the kitchen sink.

What is the Standard Height for a Towel Rack?

Get the most out of the space in your bathroom by ensuring that your towel rack is at the right height. Though a minor frustration, a towel rack that is either too high or too low can be an inconvenience that makes your carefully-organised bathroom look not quite right. While there isn’t a strict rule on height, generally speaking towel racks are install roughly at 120cm from the ground, keeping it in reach without issue. This height can be changed if you are wanting to have towels in reach of children who would have trouble reaching them safely.

How Wide is a Towel Rack?

Don’t feel limited in your choice of towel rack thanks to the extensive selection of products available from the team at MyHomeware. Like height placement, the width of towel racks is more of a guide than a rule. That said, most bath and shower towel racks are 600mm across, or 60cm. This allows enough space for, on average, one towel per rail.