Black Tile Insert Floor Drain

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Prevent waste water from flooding your shower or bathroom thanks to the highly-effective and minimalist floor drains supplied by the experts at MyHomeware. Made to withstand constant exposure to the corrosive impact of wet and damp environments our black tile insert floor drains seamlessly fit into your bathroom and effectively drain away waste water.

Boasting a contemporary design and selected for their efficient drainage, Sydney residents wanting superior black tile insert floor drains can find what they are looking for, and for the best price, thanks to the team at MyHomeware. Whether you are renovating your bathroom, or starting from scratch, our floor drains are the perfect addition to your property.

Black Insert Floor Waste

When looking for floor wastes you want a drain that is discreet. Having worked in the industry for decades the dedicated and knowledgeable team at MyHomeware know too well what our customers desire and require, along with keeping up to date with current design trends.

Able to quickly drain water waste, our effective and efficient black insert floor waste products prevent your bathroom area from being inundated with water, damaging the floor and becoming a slip hazard. Available in varying dimensions for Sydney locals, our black insert floor drains are made to last and deliver the best service.

Black Floor Drain

Do you want to make a statement with your bathroom? Bring definition and class to your bathroom or shower thanks to the modern and aesthetically-appealing products on offer from MyHomeware. Made from resilient aluminium and coated in a scratch-proof black paint our black floor drains give your bathroom a unique edge that is subtle, but hard to miss.

Available at competitive prices, our exceptional black floor drains improve the look and function of whatever space they are in, to great effect. Modernise your bathroom today while staying within your budget by trusting the team at MyHomeware.

Does a Floor Drain Need a Vent?

To function correctly and safely, modern floor drains need more than just a hole and a pipe for the water to drain out of, they need a vent. Allowing excess gases to escape and helping the waste water drain faster, vents are a necessity in contemporary plumbing.

Working exactly as their name describes, the floor drain vent prevents odours from the sewer coming up the pipe and into your bathroom. Additionally, proper ventilation stops such annoyances as gurgling pipes, and slow drainage. Make sure your bathroom is ready for your needs and requirements thanks to MyHomeware.

Should a Floor Drain Have Water in It?

While drains are, by design and function, made to have water in them, this is merely as a means of trapping and channelling the water on its way to the sewer, not as a means of long-term storage. Should water remain in the drain for extended periods it will grow stagnant and begin to emit strong odours.

Easy to ignore until there is a problem, a floor drain with water sitting in it could be a sign of a blockage somewhere in the pipe or drain. Besides sitting water floor drains should never have the level of water within them rise.

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