Black smart waste

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110x110mm Square Black Brass Floor Waste Outlet 100mm Drain

$29.00 $22.00
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115mm Square Black Smart Tile Insert Floor Waste Brass 100mm Outlet

$72.00 $45.00
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115x115mm Black Smart Tile Insert Floor Waste Brass Drain

$75.00 $48.00
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115mm Brass Black Smart Tile Insert Square Floor Waste 90mm Outlet

$72.00 $45.00
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118x118mm Black Floor Waste Drain Smart Insert Tile Stainless Steel

$50.00 $40.00
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Make sure you have all the products and supplies you need to complete the décor and the layout of every room in your home thanks to the exceptional homeware suppliers at MyHomeware. Thanks to our years of experience, combined with our detailed and varied industry knowledge, we know the importance that even the smallest item can have on the flow of the home.

Designed to quickly remove shower water before it floods the bathroom, our black smart wastes help keep bathrooms throughout Australia dry, safe, and in the best condition possible. Coated in a matte black finish, Sydney locals can trust our black smart wastes to match up with their already-installed black shower heads, and for an affordable price.

What is a Floor Waste Gully?

Different from a conventional floor drain, the floor waste gully operates in the same way, but is able to catch more water than a drain and dispose of it faster without overflowing. Made to channel the wastewater down the drain a floor waste gully is the perfect inclusion into modern homes.

Along with our floor and smart wastes, MyHomeware can supply a number of innovative and advanced products for homes throughout Australia. Whether you are looking for under mount basins or bidets we have what you need to update and upgrade your home for an affordable price.

Why Do Drains Have Traps?

Designed to prevent harmful gases from coming back up the pipe and polluting the bathroom, drain traps do exactly that; trap the foul gases before they have a chance to put bathroom users at risk. Looking like an inverted “U” the trap stops the gas from travelling all the way up the pipe.

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