Nowadays, if there is no sink in the kitchen, it is a very abnormal phenomenon. The sink is also divided into a single-bowl sink and a double-bowl sink. Single-bowl sinks and double-bowl sinks are not easy to choose, and their uses are quite different.


1. Single-bowl sinks


With single-bowl sinks, you can do everything in one bowl. Large single-bowl sinks have large bowls and are more convenient and comfortable to use. At present, there are long single-bowl sinks with a length of more than 900mm on the market. The style is also more luxurious, and of course, the price is more expensive. It is in line with the cooking habits of the oriental people. The single-bowl sink has a large volume and is spacious to use. It can fit a large pot and is suitable for Chinese food families. If you like to wash fruits, vegetables, and tableware in a large space, a large single-bowl sink is a good choice. Many families are still used to using pots to wash fruits, vegetables, tableware, etc. The single-bowl sink has an advantage in size, so there is no need to worry about the sink not being able to accommodate pots. Some long vegetables can be cleaned in the sink without breaking or cutting them. The single-bowl sink has relatively simple requirements for the tap, and you can choose the tap freely.


2. Double-bowl sinks


In general, double-bowl sinks take up more space than single-bowl sinks. If the space of the kitchen itself is relatively small, a sink will take up a lot of space, which is obviously unreasonable. With a double-bowl sink, you can use one bowl for greasy things and one for refreshing things. The double-bowl design is widely used in homes. The double-bowl sink may take up more space than the single-bowl sink, but it can make the kitchen diversified in a certain space, which is convenient to use and reduces the monotony and dullness of the kitchen layout.


Most double-bowl sinks are composed of a large bowl and a small bowl, and cutting board can be placed on the small side. After washing the dishes in the large bowl, you can directly take the dishes to the cutting board on the other side, which is very convenient and won't get water everywhere. However, some people feel that it is impossible to use the pot in the large bowl. If you buy a double-bowl sink, it is best to buy one with a larger bowl and a smaller bowl.


3. Triple-bowl sinks


The triple-bowl design has more functions. It can wash, soak, and store at the same time, saving time and effort, and it can also separate raw food from cooked food. The division of labor between the three bowls is clearer, and the disadvantage is that the sink is large, and requires a large kitchen. If the kitchen space is larger, the range of options is wider, and you can choose three-bowl sinks or sinks with drainboards.


First of all, the requirement for the sink is that large pots can be easily placed in the sink for cleaning. Under this requirement, if your cabinet is relatively small and the location for the sink is relatively small, then you don’t need to consider anything else, just select the single-bowl sink directly.


Next is your cleaning habits. When washing vegetables, do you prefer to soak them directly in the sink, or do you like to use other pots in the sink? If you like to soak directly in the sink, I suggest you buy a double-bowl sink. If you use a single-bowl sink, you have to use a lot of water every time, which is not environmentally friendly and wasteful. If you like to use another port for cleaning, then the single-bowl sink is more suitable.


Well, after reading the article, you will know whether to choose a single-bowl sink or a double-bowl sink.

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