882x450x820mm Miami Freestanding with Kick-board Bathroom Vanity MATT WHITE Shaker Hampton Style RIGHT Drawers Cabinet ONLY&Ceramic/Poly Top Available

Product Code: ABS-Miami900KB-R
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Q: What is the cupboards made of inside and out? What is the cupboards made of inside and out?

A: It's made of MFD board with PVC filmed both inside and outside, which allows better water proof.

Q: Hi Can you make this vanity in depth of 360mm or there abouts? Thank you I Hi Can you make this vanity in depth of 360mm or there abouts? Thank you I

A: Sorry, this one comes in fixed dimensions. But we have another one comes in 900*360*860 freestanding with kickboard and right hand drawers. Link: https://www.myhomeware.com.au/900x360x860mm-narrow-bathroom-vanity-kickboard-white-pvc-freestanding-right-hand-side-drawers-cabinet-only-ceramic-top-available

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This fashion and durable vanity will bring new life and style to any bathroom! If you are looking for an attractive, ultramodern and efficient addition to your bathroom, our beautiful bathroom vanity is exactly what you need. Bring style and function to your bathroom with our lovely, durable and economic bathroom vanity! 


- Code:
  -Cabinet only:ABS-Miami900KB-R(882x450x820mm)

  -Ceramic top in classic :  PC9046

  -Ceramic top in O shape:D900B

  -Poly top : Poly9046B

1 overflow hole on the ceramic top

NO overflow hole on the poly top

Hampton style vanity unit

- Please allow exist 3-5cm deviation due to the manual measurement

- Freestanding vanity unit with soft closing door,2 drawers

- Matt white finished, MDF cabinet

**Basin mixer and plug waste not included

Please click this link for Warranty reference:


Package Contents

1 x Cabinet unit

or 1 x cabinet with top

4 Star Rating
Good stuff but if a discount is given, then that will be great.
Thomas 10/03/2020 Carlton South , Victoria
5 Star Rating
This comes assembled and very easy for me to use.
Brown 10/03/2020 Carlton , Victoria
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