750x360x860mm Narrow Bathroom Vanity White PVC Freestanding Right Side Drawers Cabinet ONLY & Ceramic/Poly Top Available

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Brand: Poseidon
Product Code: P73RLG
Categories : Vanities  ,  Freestanding Vanity with Legs
WAS $365.00

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This stunning and durable vanity will bring new life and style to any bathroom! Bring style and function to your bathroom with our lovely, durable and economic bathroom vanity! 


  • Item no.: 
  • -Cabinet only:P73RLG
  • -Ceramic top :PC7536
  • -Poly top:PP7537
  • Cabinet Size: 740x360x860mm
  • White polyurethane PVC vanity, waterproof
  • Ceramic top / poly top available
  • Soft closing doors and drawers
  • Basin mixer and plug waste not included
  • Please click this link for Warranty reference:


Package Contents:

1 x Cabinet only

or 1 x Cabinet with top

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