715x415x130mm Kristall Above Counter Basin White or Black Glossy Bathroom Wash Basin Sani-Quartz Composite High-end

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Spellbinding and masterful, the Kristall suite collection is every bit as beautiful as its name suggests. Light refracts from its many facets like sun glittering on clean, natural crystal. Just as in nature no two crystals take exactly the same shape, no two pieces of this centerpiece collection are alike. Individuality is a natural perfection.


  • Model : Kristall
  • Color: White or Black
  • Finished:Glossy
  • Material: Sani-Quartz(Composite Quartz)
  • Dimensions:   715 x 415 x 130 mm  
  • Drain hole: φ 43mm
  • Basin area: 715 x 415 mm
  • Water depth: 100 mm
  • Above counter mounting
  • Antibacterial Protection

  • Custom vanity top will be better for this basin due to the special width
  • Kindly suggestion:install the tap beside this basin
  • No tap hole
  • No overflow
  • Mixer and pop-up waste not included
  • Please click this link for Warranty reference:
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x basin
  • PUS002B:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Matt black finish
  • Waste Size: 32mm, will come with 40mm adapter
  • NO overflow
  • PUS002:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Chrome Plate
  • Waste Size: 32mm,  will come with 40mm adapter
  • NO overflow
  • PA32NFBK:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Ceramic gloss black finish
  • Waste Size: 32mm
  • NO Overflow
  • PA32NFGW:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Ceramic gloss white finish
  • Waste Size: 32mm
  • NO Overflow
  • PA32NFMB:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Ceramic matt black finish
  • Waste Size: 32mm
  • NO Overflow
  • PA32NFMW:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Ceramic matt white finish
  • Waste Size: 32mm
  • NO Overflow

Installation notes

• It is recommended that the installation of the product is done by a professional plumber.
• Before installation, remove your new washbasin and carefully inspect it for damage.
   Return the washbasin to its packaging until you are ready to install it.
• All washbasins do not have an overflow and may require a specific type of drain.
  The nut on the drain pipe will secure the washbasin to the drain hole (Ø43 mm) in the counter top.
• Product rests on counter top. Consider height when designing installation. The counter top must be flat.
   You may want to use a bead of clear silicone to seal in-between the outside edge of the washbasin where it is mounted to the counter top.

• Choose a faucet that will provide adequate clearance. We recommend the use of Sternhagen faucets.


To keep your washbasin looking new, please follow these simple care instructions:
• Routine cleaning of the Sani-Q washbasin will reduce the need for heavy cleaning and polishing.
• Never use strong / abrasive cleaner. Clean your Sani-Q washbasin with water and a soft, clean cloth.
  Do not use abrasive detergents or cleaning pads, which can damage the surface of the washbasin.
• For a long durability we recommend the use of the “Sani-Q Cleaning Kit” which comes with 3 different cleansers (1 Stain-remover, 1 Descaler and 1 Easy-care) and one Magic Eraser.
  It is available with your Sternhagen supplier.  

5 Star Rating
We remodeled all of our bathrooms and this was a great deal. Looks beautiful and easy to put in. It really gives a beautiful look to our bathrooms, so glad I chose this one. The colors are beautiful, definitely not a boring bowl!

Shannon Coulter
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