700mm MOON LED Mirror Round Bathroom WHITE Base and Mechanism Frame Pull out Wall Mounted

Product Code: MOON70-WHITE
Categories : Mirrors
WAS $1,953.00
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Mirror with pull out AXIO-LINK® mechanism and LED light. Automatic, intuitive light switch. Silent work and high durability.


  • Model:
  • -MOON70-WHITE:φ700mm
  • When pulled out max. 330mm
  • Automatic light switch when pulled out
  • High quality materials; very flat
  • Electric security norm IP44
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Poland
  • Conform to the Australian Standard

  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x LED pull out mirror
    • Installation Accessories
  • 1 year warranty
5 Star Rating
We have this hardwired, but was easy to do so because it was a new house build. We are able to turn on from wall switch, or touch button on the mirror. The size and style of the mirror, the LED around the mirror is a huge a conversation piece when we’ve walked guests through the house. This is not the only light we have in our bathroom so we didn’t have any concerns with the mirror being the only source of light.
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