680x360x820mm Ceramic White Box Rim Back To Wall Faced Toilet Suite Back/Left and Right Bottom Inlet

Product Code: CE-KDK008
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Premium grade ceramic white toilet suite with box rim pan and standard UF seat. Wall face style design including variable set out connector and pan fixing bracket. This model has a back/left and right bottom inlet design.


  • Box rim pan
  • Standard UF seat
  • Soft closing
  • Durable ceramic
  • Size: 680*360*820mm
  • Back/left and right bottom inlet
  • 4.5/3L dual flush
  • Standard S-Trap(S Trap-60): 60-165mm
  • WELS Licence Number:1156
  • Watermark No.: WM-022127
  • WELS Registration No.: L03101
  • WELS Water rating: 4 star
  • WELS 4.5L per full flush
  • WELS 3L per half flush
  • WELS 3.5L per average flush

  • Optional:
  • JT43 connector(S-Trap): 150-260mm
  • P-trap: 180mm
    ( 260mm straight pipe,can be cut to size to suit set-out distance)

  • WELS & Watermark Approved

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4 Star Rating
The flushing effect is SMOOOOTH!! lol
5 Star Rating
The quality cannot be greater. This is the best!
5 Star Rating
How can a toilet be the best? Well, first it has to do "the job." It definitely does that with the dual push of the button,The look is great, very sleek. It doesn't take up too much room without feeling like you're on an RV toilet. On that note, the actual seat is comfortable, even if you're there for a while.
5 Star Rating
Great toilet! Works like a charm. Old one could take very little before clogging, so often we were using multiple (try 4!) flushes to make sure we did not end up having to use a plunger. This toilet is very Very efficient in flushing. We are very happy with it.
5 Star Rating
Have 6 of this model (daughters' homes too) because it is just perfect! Flushes completely every time, stays very clean, and even easier to clean when you need to, and even much younger daughters like the slightly higher seat height. Very low water usage too.
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