590x360x400mm Avery Wall Faced Floor Pan Box Rim Flushing WATERMARK S TRAP P TRAP Back to Wall

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Brand: Poseidon
Product Code: AV102WFP
Categories : Toilet  ,  Wall Floor (Faced) Pan
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Premium grade white ceramic toilet pan with box rim Flushing, Dual flush design 4.5/3L with a 4 star Wels rating that exceeds Australian standard requirements.


  • Model: AV102WFP
  • Box Rim Flushing Pan
  • 4.5/3 Litres dual flush
  • Standard UF Seat SC803 supplied
  • Size 590*360*400mm
  • S-Trap-60: 60-100mm
  • Watermark No.: WM-022127
  • WELS registration No.: L02582
  • WELS Licence No.: 1156
  • WELS star rating: 4 star
  • 4.5L per full flush, 3L per half flush
  • Optional:
  • > S-Trap-100: 100-140mm
  • > JT43 connector: 150-170mm
  • > P-Trap: 180mm roughing in
     ( 260mm straight pipe,can be cut to size to suit set-out distance)
  • > Slim UF Seat ( SC805 )


Model: SCBD

Please download the PDF of the installation instruction for more details

SCBD Installation Instruction

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