440x440x205mm 1.2mm Dark Grey Stainless Steel Handmade Single Bowl Top/Undermount Kitchen/Laundry Sink

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Product Code: KS4444-RB
Categories : Sink
WAS $349.00

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Q: Does this sink have an Overflow ? Does this sink have an Overflow ?

A: No, it doesn't have an overflow.

Q: Is this sink have overflowing? Thanks Is this sink have overflowing? Thanks

A: Hi William, Thanks for your interest. This sink does not have an overflow hole.

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Model & Series
Product Model KS4444-RB
Material & Finish
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Colour Dark Grey
Finish Anti-condensation
Technical Information
Installation Top-Mount , Flush-Mount and Under-Mount
Type Single Bowl
Capacity 24L
Pre-drill Hole No
Overflow Hole No
Strainer Waste Included
Waste Size 90mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Internal Radius R10
Rubber pad(sound absorption pad) Yes
Reversible(left/right hand side) Yes
Size & Dimensions
Overall Size 440mmL x 440mmW x 205mmH
Bowl Size 390 x 390 mm
Package Contents
Main Product 1 x Stainless steel sink
Accessories Waste Strainer and Mounting Clips
Warranty 5 Years Warranty
5 Star Rating
This kitchen sink and tap are amazing.
My wife wanted a single drain deep undermount sink and this was it.It is heavy duty steel.This was one of the best purchases I made during our whole kitchen remodel.
slaven 02/01/2020 Sydney South , New South Wales
5 Star Rating
This faucet is awesome! It's very durable, very attractive, and it doesn't leak any water. I couldn't believe the price! Most faucets of this quality in burnings or IKEA run at least $250.regarding the sink,I recently remodeled our entire kitchen and I endlessly researched single bowl sinks. I wasn't impressed with the price or quality of the sinks at Burnings or IKEA. I ultimately decided to go with this sink and it was the best decision.
I know it can be nerve-racking to purchase something "blindly" online but this is the best quality, design, and functional sink I've ever seen.
Annabelle Voss 02/01/2020
5 Star Rating
it is dark grey I think,because the sink colour is lighter than my black faucet,anyway,it is hard to figure out the colour difference,quality is good
Charles 18/11/2019 Moore Park , New South Wales
5 Star Rating
Looks great can’t wait to receive it
Patricia Rae 23/10/2019
5 Star Rating
OK. Firstly, the customer service was most helpful and courteous!! Secondly, I received it next day I placed the order which is super!!!. Thirdly , the colour is exactly the same as what it shows and the quality is even better than I thought!!!! And the price is super good!!! How can I get this kind of service elsewhere these days!? Thanks so much!!
Charlie 17/08/2019 Halton , New South Wales
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