300-3900mm Lauxes Black Shower Grate Drain Any Size Indoor Aluminium Midnight

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Lauxes Shower Grates are carefully designed and manufactured from triple anodised aluminium to create a robust, cost effective and versatile drainage solution for any indoor wet area. With Lauxes Shower Grates there is no compromise on functionality or style when creating designer living spaces.


  • Model: LCMFG+LCFG-CB
  • Size (mm): (300-3900)L x 70W x 23H
  • 2 Waste Sizes: 40/50mm
  • Color: Black
  • Rust proof
  • Lightweight
  • Top grate easily removed for cleaning
  • Different colour choices to suit application
  • Easy to cut to desired length
  • No welding required
  • No major plumbing involved as waste can be positioned anywhere along the bottom tray
  • Perfect use for indoor applications
  • Lifetime: Rustproof Warranty
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x Shower grate
  • 1 x Waste
  • 1 pair of end cap

Cutting & Assembly Instructions:

For easy cutting of shower grate, we recommend the use of a compound mitre saw fitted with a multi-material cutting blade 80 tooth or more. A compact drill with a bimetal hole would be adequate to drill the hole for the waste outlet.

  • 1.Cut the bottom tray 3mm shorter than desired length to allow end caps to be fitted
  • 2.Cut the top grate 1mm shorter than the bottom tray to allow for easy roll in of top grate and tidy fit
  • 3.Using the suitable size hole saw for your pop waste, drill out the hole at the required position to align with the waste pipe in the floor
  • 4.Insert the end caps into the bottom tray and secure with a bead of silicone on the inside of the tray
  • 5.Place silicone around the lip of the pop waste and secure to the underside of the bottom tray at the recently drilled hole

NOTE: Custom orders and special orders are NON RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED for any reason once placed due to the custom and made to order processes involved.

5 Star Rating
Looks good and quick & easy transaction. A way off installing for now. Thanks
Radovilsky 01/01/2019
5 Star Rating
excellent product, super fast delivery
Kate Pantelias 12/12/2018 Brabham , Western Australia
5 Star Rating
as described. well packed and fast shipping.
Tim Kantee 20/10/2018
5 Star Rating
Excellent product, great price and quick delivery. Very happy!
Nick Cunningham 25/09/2018 Fairfield East , New South Wales
5 Star Rating
we got it today thanks for the great trade AAA+++
Kristy 18/09/2018 Mount Vernon , New South Wales
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