1700x730x835mm Bevel Freestanding Acrylic Black & White Bathtub Special Shape

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Brand: Poseidon
Product Code: BBT1700B
Categories : Bathtub  ,  Freestanding
WAS $1,716.00



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This beautiful free standing bath is a lovely addition to any bathroom. The bath edges are slim at the top giving it a delicate look, but the hard acrylic gives it durability.  


  • BBT1700B
  • Dimensions: 1700x730x835mm
  • Color: Black & White
  • Material: 5mm Acrylic with Alkali-free reinforced fiberglass (Sanitary Grade)
  • Tub is made of two acrylic sheets
  • The air between the sheets acts a thermal insulator to help retain warmth
  • Double Layer
  • Comply with Australian Standard
  • Stunning looks, smooth like silk
  • Package Contents:
  • 1* Bath Tub
  • Plug waste
  • Please click this link for Warranty reference:
  • https://www.myhomeware.com.au/myhomewarewarranty

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